New Star Wars Poster Revealed!

It was big news that Star Wars would have a new poster Sunday & a new trailer coming on Monday night; further fueling excitement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now, we can show you the beautiful new poster featuring an unexpected old enemy of sorts!


While the poster is in absolutely spectacular old-school Star Wars form featuring lightsabers, droids, Storm Troopers and more it also looks to feature what looks like The Empire/The First Order’s THIRD attempt at the planet sized weapon that is the Death Star.

After the first two were destroyed by Luke Skywalker & Co. you would think that The Empire would learn from their mistakes and give up; however between Return of the Jedi & The Force Awakens it seems that The First Order, who have reportedly risen from the ashes of The Empire, have been sneakily building the Death Star MK. III in order to finally conquer the galaxy. However, let’s not rule out the possibility that the Rebels built this planet sized space station as a defence mechanism against a First Order attack after stealing The Empire’s original plans. Star Wars Anthology movie Rogue One is set to be based around a group of fighter pilots attempting to steal the plans for the Death Star in between Revenge of the Sith & A New Hope so perhaps after defeating The Empire the Rebel Alliance went to work on their own improved Death Star.


Notably absent from the poster is the image of Luke Skywalker. While Han Solo, Chewie, Leia, R2 & C3-PO are all front and centre representing the Original Trilogy, Mark Hamill as Jedi Luke Skywalker is nowhere to be seen. It seems as if JJ Abrams/Disney are really working to keep Luke’s role in the new trilogy of Star Wars movies a complete secret until the films release. We do know from the crew’s filming on the little Irish isle of Skellig Micheal that Luke Skywalker has put himself into isolation and perhaps excluding him from the promotional material proves this isolation further.

Stay tuned to Nerd Lowdown as we await the drop of the new Star Wars trailer within the next 24 hours! Exciting times, Jedis & Siths!


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