The Flash: Family of Rogues – Review

Our adventures in Central City continue again this week and while we have seen plenty new and shiny things so far this season, it was time for some old friends, well more like frenemies, to take over the stage!

After a frenetic pace to the first two episodes of The Flash & the introduction of Jay Garrick, Earth 2, Zoom and much more, Family of Rogues steps it back a bit with a more villain of the week style episode featuring the Snart family; Captain Cold, Golden Glider and their sinister father, Lewis Snart.


As Jay Garrick attempts to build a bridge between Earth 1 & Earth 2 so he can get home, Lisa Snart shows up seeking the help of The Flash. Captain Cold has been kidnapped after a burglary is botched & Golden Glider is worried for his safety. Of course, Team Flash are hesitant to believe her of course and as Barry rushes to his location, he gets hit with a chilling blast from Leonard Snartt’s Cold Gun & is formally introduced to Lewis Snart, Cold’s father (played by Michael Ironside).

Much to Lisa’s horror, Barry is under the impression that Cold is teaming up with his father. As it turns out, their relationship with their father was terribly abusive and if Leonard has resorted to working with daddy dearest then he must be in grave danger. Of course, in a dramatic turn of events, it is actually Golden Glider in danger as a thermite bomb is implanted in her neck. Captain Cold is being blackmailed to work with his father to save the only person he loves, his sister. This also places Barry & Cold in a conflict as Lewis Snart will gladly kill to achieve his goals, while Barry previously agreed to leave Cold alone to protect his identity, as long as Cold did not kill anyone. In this case, Barry has to risk his identity to stop Lewis Snart in his tracks by going under cover. As usual, The Flash is successful and manages to stop the Snart men and Captain Cold finally ends up in Iron Heights Penitentiary while Cisco manages to save Lisa in the nick of time!


While it was great to get a bit more insight into the history of Captain Cold & family, it feels as if it was merely a quick dip into what could have been a more emotional ride detailing what caused the Snarts to become the villains they are. The hate the Snart siblings have for their father is clearly there, but seems as if it is just mentioned rather than explored. What it does show, and Barry mentions it too, is that Captain Cold does have a side to him that wants to do some kind of right, even if it is just by his sister; a good side. Hinting of course, to his Legends of Tomorrow future.


The main Earth 2/Zoom story arc is left aside this week to explore one very big sub-plot. The return of Francine West, Joe’s estranged wife & Iris West’s mum. Joe is struggling with her return and the fact that he lied to Iris about her death. Even though it was in her best interests, Joe fears that it may push Iris away from him. With Barry’s convincing, Joe breaks it to Iris who of course forgives him and arranges to meet her mum. While not all that groundbreaking, this plot line is paving the way for the introduction of Wally West who we are going to guess is a long-lost brother of Iris. Joe mentions that Francine left a rehab facility after he placed her into one, perhaps she done so due to the fact she was pregnant with their second child? Keep an eye on this one as it develops!


As always, each episode of The Flash finishes with two grandstand finale moments. The first, involving Professor Stein. After taking ill in the last episode, it seems as if he has made a recovery but suffers a relapse as he is examining Jay Garrick’s Speed Cannon. It seems as if the bridge between the two Earth’s has triggered a Firestorm relapse in Professor Stein producing not just red, but blue flame. It seems as if we are set for the introduction of Firestorm Mk 2.0!


Lastly, we see the fully fledged return of Harrison Wells as he emerges through the worm hole under S.T.A.R Labs & into Earth 1. Even though it is not the Wells we know, who was actually Eobard Thawne, this is sure to provide a massive shock to Team Flash who are only just getting over the damage Earth 1 Wells caused. Earth 2 Wells may be the most benign version of the character we will meet, but you can be sure that Barry & Co. will be keeping him at arm’s length inside a metahuman containment unit until they know more. Alternatively, Earth 2 Wells could be Zoom, with the a very similar scenario as happened in Earth 1 happening in Earth 2.

Either way, we’re in for some twists and turns next week on The Flash as we meet The Fury of Firestorm!


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