Will The Force Awakens Smash The All Time Box Office Record?

The Star Wars hype continues to fly faster than the Millenium Falcon through the Kessel Run, but one question remains. While it will no doubt do spectacularly at the box office, will it top the table for all time highest grossing film? 


Sitting atop this table as things stand is Avatar with $2.7 Billion, followed closely by another James Cameron movie Titanic on $2.1 Billion. Jurassic World stands a little further behind in third place but with a very respectable $1.6 Billion. The Domestic (USA) table looks a lot closer with Avatar, Titanic & Jurassic World standing on $760 Million, $658 Million & $651 Million respectively.

These are massive achievements for three films who excelled in theatres at record-breaking levels but as Star Wars: The Force Awakens pre-sale tickets went on sale, it’s becoming quite clear that it may well be on track to dominate the all time box office records and finally knock Avatar off its lofty perch.


To do so, Star Wars will need to see levels of attendance in cinemas that surpass the absolute fanaticism that Avatar received when it was released (although it did get multiple releases due to its popularity). Here at Nerd Lowdown we think it will manage this and could even be the film that breaks the $3 Billion mark. Call us bold if you will, but hear us out.

Once the latest Star Wars trailer was shown Monday on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, the (virtual) tills opened up for advanced ticket purchases. The results so far? Fandango, one of the online outlets selling cinema tickets, have reported that pre-sale tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens have already beaten those for The Hunger Games; selling EIGHT times more than the Jennifer Lawrence led franchise’s previous record. Latest box office tracking statistics suggest that The Force Awakens could well see a domestic box office opening of $600 Million. Considering how Jurassic World done that overall in the US, Avatar‘s $2.7 Billion does not seem that unrealistic. If you’re someone who fancies a bet every now and then, Paddy Power are offering odds of a mere 6/4 that the film will top Avatar and an even slimmer 2/5 that it will break $1.8 Billion… and they do say you can always trust by the bookies.


You’ve also got the fact that Star Wars itself is easily one of the most sellable franchises of all time and now that Disney are in the driving seat, the marketing campaigns will be some of the largest we have ever seen. Not that Star Wars needs the promotion, arguably. You just have to look at how the release of the new range of toys for The Force Awakens had a whole day dedicated to their release. Shelves of stores were also cleared out, with much of the new stock selling out completely on the very same day. If that doesn’t show you the demand for the  Return of the Jedi sequel that has been 32 years in the making, then who knows what will. You have a generation who grew up with the release of the Original Trilogy, the less adored Prequel Trilogy and everything Star Wars related in between clamouring for the December 17th release of The Force Awakens. Heck, Cineworld Dublin are offering 20+ showings of the movie almost everyday in its opening week!


As mentioned previously, it may be a bold prediction to say that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will break the record for highest grossing film off all time; but the evidence is certainly mounting up. If you want to make a screening, it might be advisable to book now!

Let’s hope the film itself lives up to everyone’s expectations too! We don’t want another The Phantom Menace, J.J., please don’t give us another The Phantom Menace!


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