Chris Pratt Teases Latest Flick!

Who doesn’t love Chris Pratt? From his awesome roles to his fun filled tweet – he’s one cool dude! So today he posted an interesting picture from his latest film Passengers!

Passengers will tell the futuristic tale of a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet which is transporting thousands people to the new world – when one of the sleeping pods malfunctions, waking up Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), the prospect of growing old and dying alone is too much for him and he decides to wake up fellow passenger Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence)

With a unique twist on a sci-fi romance it was inevitable that two of the biggest stars were gonna share the screen together!

As of today, as shooting takes place – Pratt shared his fun on his official Instagram account, take a look below:

So what do you all think? Will Katniss fall for our very own Starlord? We will have to find out early next year! Nerd out!


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