We Need To Talk About The Latest Episode Of “The Walking Dead”!

Although we havent got to give our in depth weekly episode review on Season 6 of The Walking Dead due to a number of other projects – we could not pass up the opportunity to discuss a certain MAJOR moment from this weeks episode!

(Be Aware Spoilers Are Ahead!)

Tonight saw a number of major plot points take hold in the third episode of season six entitled “Thank You.” The most explosive an unexpected was the apparent killing of of fan favorite Glenn – but did our eyes deceive us..


In the nail biting scene, we saw Glenn and not to be trusted Nicholas seemingly trapped on top of an industrial garbage bin surrounded by 100s of walkers. With little hope and a handful of bullets the pair try to wait it out – but things go south when Nicholas turns his last bullet on himself. With his limp body throwing Glenn to the ground, we witness the horde feast on him… Or do we?

By now both the U.S and Europe have seen the episode and the debate to whether it is actually Glenn being gorged on or in fact Nicholas’ body on top of him is one to think about. What we last saw was the tears, screams and blood splatters of poor Glenn in (what I think are his final moments).

From me, personally, I do believe our poor character has met his maker but other sources believe he is still kicking – seemingly foreshadowed earlier in the episode – sword swinging Michione states to a side character :
“have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know whether it was yours, a walkers or your friends?”

Yes, its a good moment to debate with friends and fans alike but would it be right of the writers to keep him in?

In the comics, it states that Glenn does not die this way but rather by the hands of a character that has yet to introduced and rumor’s have it, will be introduced by the end of this season.

The topic is one to keep all fans going till next week – but one thing is for sure, this episode has done the horror show justice and made us feel like Daryl in the image below!


Walking Dead fans what do you think of the latest episode? Let us know! Nerd out!


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