Our Guide To Some Of The Best Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween!

With the scary day fast approaching some of you may be a little old to trick or treat, or not even have plans for the spooky night – don’t worry we’ve got you covered with a guide to the best scary flicks to feast your eyes on!

The following will be a small list complied of the best horror movies I have seen throughout the years with the best scare and WTF moments to have you afraid of the dark till November 1st!

It Follows:


It Follows tells the story of a teenage girl who after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter can’t shake the feeling that someone or something has begun to follow her every move – with the help of her friends, they must find ways to out run the uncontrollable horrors which has begun to take hold.
Personally, this 2014 horror is extremely well done on the scary factor, although some found it to be less of a scare than others – I felt the urge to look over my shoulder more after the first viewing. If you do decide to give this a watch, I beg you to give this a chance as it does take its time to flesh out the characters (no pun intended) and leave a lasting taste come the end credits!

The Descent:


The next one the list aims to scare the viewer on two levels: first off being, how would you cope in small spaces? and what if you weren’t alone? The Descent is lead by an all female cast and tells the tale of a cave expedition gone wrong and quickly find out that the group are not the only ones lurking in the dark crevasse!
What this film did well, was exploring the fact of what a person would actually do in the situation of being trapped and letting the cave actually act as a character, then upping the horror factor to 100 when introducing some of the, what I like to call ‘lurkers’.
For me, The Descent is an extremely under-rated horror with some incredible haloween-ee type scares that will be sure to have you hiding away from looking!

28 Days Later:


Come Halloween you need some flesh eating beings now don’t we? Well in the realm of Zombies it doesn’t get much greater than this – in Danny Boyles Horror classic we are introduced to the VERY FIRST running zombies we know so well today! We meet our cast 28 days after an infection has destroyed England – but its not only the ‘infected’ we have to be careful of!
This is one of my all time favourite films to date, the tension is 90, the horror is at full throttle and the emotionally driven characters and is sure to pack a bite or two on every viewing!

The Hills Have Eyes (2006):


This is in my opinion, one of the very few Horror Remakes that can stand high! Hard to watch at times, especially in the first attack sequence – this gruesome story about a family trying to out run a pack of cannibals is sure to send chills down your spine – even after multiple viewings. This is a gritty tale that is at the most time unsettling and what I call one of the better horrors of the 21st century!



Whats your favourite scary movie?”
As a horror fan, this is certainly one of the greatest! From the late great Wes Craven comes Scream, the true revamp of the Slasher – Horror genre! It is self aware and pokes fun while truly match every inch of the horror factor. From insane kills, an incredible opening and a nail biting finale, this is a definite Halloween Night scare to take a look at!

Nightmare On Elm Street:


Yes, two of Cravens classics in a row,but how could we go about not mentioning this cult Horror classic? In one of the most original horror films to date – we see a group of friends trying to fight off the infamous Freddy Krueger a being who kills you when you fall asleep! We all know the classic murderer, so why not relive the nightmare?

The Conjuring:


Any Horror fan loves a good demonic possession film, am I right? Well from me, this is the best one – yes some may argue that The Exorcist is the best, dont get me wrong it is a very good film,I just feel this was more realistic. Seeing this in the cinema too, added to my enjoyment because I truly was terrified watching. The tension throughout is some of the best in any recent horror flick I have seen and it gets an A+ from me! Definitely check it out over the Halloween peroid!

30 Days of Night:


Did someone say Vampires? Well in this 2007 epic Horror we certainly get some. Forget your sex driven – dare I say sparkling vamps, in this we see a group of town goers live in the heart of an Alaskan town where for 30 days the sun doesn’t shine. Unlucky for them, a group of blood thirsty vampires are here to stay and the group must out wit the gruesome beings before it is too late.
This scared the crap out of me when I first saw it. I had never seen such an awesomely disgusting take on the classic monster work so well that it ultimately spawned a massive cult following! This is definitely one to scare the socks off you – plus that ending, awesome!



Arguable the best Horror film ever created. This is truly the game charger in the Horror genre and what started off every slasher we see today, John Carpenters classic is one of the most success indie films ever made – he incredibly created a film that nobody had seen before, taking the everyday nightmare of a murderous stalker to a whole new level! Forget the remakes, this is where its at! It is a must see from me!

Honorable Mentions:
– Jeepers Creepers
– Cabin in the Woods
– Friday The 13th
– The Thing
– Insidious

So there are a few of my favourite Horror best to have a go at over the spooky holiday! Now I want to know, what are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below! Nerd out!


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