Our Ranking Of Daniel Craig’s Bond Outings!

With Spectre hitting U.S audiences this week (yes we got it first in Ireland/UK), we have decided to countdown our favourite outings from the incredibly impressive Daniel Craig franchise!From 2006 to now Daniel Craig has wowed audiences with his stellar portrayal as the 00 agent and I personally consider him my favourite of them all (haters gonna hate!) So whats his best outing? Well lets, maybe start from my lesser of the few. I would like to point out that I have super fun with all four and the rewatchability is insanely cool! So lets jump into it!

#4 – Spectre


I’m gonna be honest, just because its at my number four spot doesn’t mean I hate it, I just had a lesser good time with it. Don’t get me wrong, this is a solid outing for the character with great action and witty dialogue. I just felt that there was something off about the whole experience, we all know it’s a long ass outing but it just seemed like the film was a little off at places – I delve into it more in my latest review¬†HERE!

#3 – Quantum of Solace


This 2008 outing get well very mixed reviews, but I just keep finding myself appreciating it more and more when I revisit it – yeah they might have a dull villain but I really liked how each action scene went on for more and more heights, personally I think I can see myself rewatch this outing more than Spectre!

#2 – Skyfall

Skyfall Poster

Oh wow. When I saw this in the cinemas back in 2012, I was utterly blown away by how visually stunning this was. The action set pieces were a treat to watch, especially the finale and how can we forget Javier Bardems portrayal as Raoul Silva. The entire film was in my opinion a love letter to The Dark Knight, with the pair constantly in a cat and mouse chase with one another – it is truly one of the best action films of the last ten years and one of the most critically acclaimed Bond films ever and I couldn’t agree more!

#1 – Casino Royale


If Skyfall is The Dark Knight then this is the Batman Begins of spy films. Best Bond film ever. There I said it! The fact that Craig doesn’t become Bond to the closing scene where I might add is when we first hear the famous theme song, is just an insane idea to take and it work to an incredible response. Every act feels like a closing from a free running start to a daring airport chase to high stakes card games, the tragic spy love story also featured one of the best Bond Girls -Vesper (Eva Green). Every character is written to perfection and the unknowing tension is one to die for! Holding a well deserved 95% on Rotten Tomatoes – Casino Royale is the best at what Bond does and a masterpiece in film making!

So there you have it, my numbered list of Daniel Craigs outings! Do you agree? Let us know! Plus have you seen Spectre? We want to know! Nerd out!


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