Back In Time Review

We bring you another post celebrating the 30 year anniversary of Back to the Future. Die hard fans of the movie may have heard about a kick starter project a guy called Jason Aron started back in 2013 to make a movie commemorating the 30th anniversary of the film. Well here in 2015, the project raised $143,611 even thought the funding needed was only $50,000. This showed the amazing support of Back to the Future fans. The film is now available on Netflix and we have the Lowdown on it here.

The film is in two parts, the first part dealing with the film itself and the second part deals with the fans. The first part of the film is extremely intriguing, it gives great insight into what went on to make the film happen. Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis and several other key characters from behind the scenes of the movie give a detailed account as to what went in to making the movie. It took some time for the two Bob’s to get someone to get on board with the movie, they had a difficult time getting funding for it. Zemeckis wanted to make the film a few years earlier than 1985, but wasn’t established enough as a director. It wasn’t until he made Romancing the Stone that people began seeking his directorial services.

Cast members such as Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson give their thoughts and insight into how their experience of making the movie was. They share stories about meeting the two Bobs’s and Fox gives details about what it was like to juggle shooting Back to the Future at night and Family Ties during the day. Without giving to much away, the first part of this movie gives a great insight into the movie for anyone that wants to know everything they can about the film.


The second part of the film is the most rewarding. The second half shows how much of an influence the film has had on its fans. It shows how much impact the film has had on modern society in general. The second part of the film is jam packed with fan dedication and experiences. Some of the fan dedication shown is the outdoor cinema company that replicated the town square of Hill Valley from 1955 to show the film. All the shops in the town square are fully functional and have stuff available to purchase in them.

There is also a huge section on the fan appreciation of the delorean which is a character in the movie in its own right. Die hard fans love the Delorean (who doesn’t in fairness?). Fans world wide have purchased run down Delorean’s (the few that still exists – only 9,000 were made), and turned them into replica Delorean’s from the movie. There is the Delorean car show each year where die hard fans gather with their Delorean’s and show off/have fun with one another.


There is the Flux Capacitor’s, an 1980’s cover band that dress up as characters from the movie. There is mention of all the collectibles and memorabilia from the film. The stuff they got right about 2015, whether or not there would ever be a sequel ( it is not happening so long as Robert Zemeckis is alive, he says that in the film), and the cast themselves reflect on the impact the film has had in general.

Overall if you are a fan of Back to the Future, this 94 minute film is definitely worth checking out. It shows so many things about the film and it’s fans that people may not know, and gives detailed insight to fans and aficionado’s alike. ¬†Definitely give this film 10 out of 10 (and that is not because I am a die hard fan, it is genuinely a great film.) Best thing about it though is that the fans funded it. The fans made it possible which shows how much they love it.

Back in Time is directed by Jason Aron and is available on Netflix now. Go check it out.


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