Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow to be re-released on 3DS Virtual Console!

Breaking News!!!!! Have any of you being playing Pokémon since the earliest versions in 1996? Have you been longing to play Red, Blue and Yellow on current gen consoles? Well now you can!!! Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Blue Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Yellow will be making their way to the 3DS eShop as digital downloads.

That is correct! This is not a joke or a mistake! This is happening!  Players will be able to take their first steps outside of Pallet town with their starter Pokémon in the unknown tall grass, trying to catch weedles, caterpie’s, pigey’s and spearow, like they did back when they first played them. To make it fully nostalgic, they will all be in black and white just like they were when they first came out with the only major difference being. no Game Boy Link Cable needed for trades, players can now do that via Bluetooth.

This is a huge announced from Nintendo, as fans have been longing for remakes of these classic Pokémon games, we think though Nintendo have given the fans one better, now new and old fans alike can play the games that started it all. Relive countless childhood memories and create more.

The trio will be available on February 27th, 2016 marking 20 years to the day from Red and Blue’s original Japan releases in 1996

We can’t wait!!!!!



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