Star Wars Super Fan Daniel Fleetwood To Be Laid To Rest In Lightsaber Shaped Urn

As most Star Wars fans may have heard by now, super fan Daniel Fleetwood passed away several days ago. Daniel had been battling spindle cell sarcoma – a form of cancer, and one of his final wishes was to see The Force Awakens before he died. Thanks to the power of social media, director J.J Abrams and Disney granted him that wish a few days before he passed away. Now it has emerged he had another wish, and he is going to see that fulfilled.

According to  reports by TMZ, Daniel’s brother in-law who happens to be an engineer is hard at work making a lightsaber shaped urn for Daniel. This won’t just be any lightsaber, it will be the one belonging to Daniel’s favorite character, Darth Vader. This will see another wish Daniel had come true, as he wished for his resting place to be Star Wars related which is pretty awesome.


Daniel’s wife Ashley told TMZ that the lightsaber urn should hopefully be completed by the 21st of November, which is when his family and friends will hold a ceremony celebrating Daniel’s life. They do have a back up idea in place in case the lightsaber urn is not finished on time and this idea is a death star shaped urn.

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens is set to be released in cinemas on December 18th. We here at Nerd Lowdown want to again extend our condolences to Daniel’s friends and family. So glad to see his final wishes come true. The Force shall always be with you Daniel.


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