LEGO releasing limited edition extra padded slippers!

Lets be honest, we have all been there at some point in life, be it as a kid growing up or as an adult. You may be asking yourself what it is I am referring too, that is, standing on a piece of LEGO that just so happens to “conveniently” be lying on the floor unbeknownst to you. It is nearly as painful as stubbing a toe (and that is extremely painful). It now seems LEGO are finally going to listen to those who complain about standing on pieces of LEGO.

Yes you did read that correctly, LEGO are finally listening to the complainers. The LEGO company will be commissioning  some new, official limited edition slippers to protect the feet of those who fall victim to stray pieces of LEGO lying around. These officially licensed LEGO footwear will have a padded bottom to protect from painful run-ins with their product (hallelujah!!!).



Although when they say “limited edition,” they are not messing around with the word limited. Only 1,500 pairs of the slippers will be created and will be shipped at random to anyone who creates a wishlist  on the LEGO France website (everyone scram to the LEGO France website).

Unfortunately parents, and LEGO lovers elsewhere in the world won’t be able to get their hands on a pair of these revolutionary protective slippers… for now at least! Hopefully they are released worldwide soon.



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