Colton Haynes Returning To Arrow!

Many of Arrow‘s audience, the ladies out there especially, would have been very sad to see Colton Haynes leave during season three of The CW’s hit DC hero show. But fans of Roy Harper/Arsenal will be delighted to find out he is coming back to the show! 

After leaving Star City, presumed dead while serving time in Iron Heights Penitentiary when he announced to the world he was the Arrow in order to allow Oliver keep his identity secret. This offered Roy his out from the world of crime fighting vigilantism, but as is the general theme of Arrow since it’s beginnings, dead people do not stay dead for very long.


Speaking to EW, Arrow-Exec Marc Guggenheim revealed that it was always part of the plan to bring back Colton to reprise his role as Roy Harper; it was just about doing it right:

“We are beyond thrilled that Colton will be returning to Arrow this season. It was always our intention to have him return following his departure last season, but it was a matter of finding the right story line to pull it off. That opportunity presented itself in episode 412 and we can’t wait for the fans to see this reunion.”

Haynes also confirmed the return himself over Twitter, revealing that he has landed in Vancouver, where Arrow films.

For many, the return of Roy Harper will come as no surprise. If you have ever read even half of an issue of a comic, you’ll know that dramatic returns, dead or alive, are comic book bread & butter. The real questions now are whether Haynes will be suiting back up in his Arsenal garb, which is surely a given considering he was a major part of Team Arrow until his departure. Secondly, there will be an awkward dynamic between Thea & Roy for a multitude of reasons, mostly due to her very close death, her new squeeze, and that she took up Roy’s Red Arrow mantle.

Perhaps, in another turn of events, it will be poor Roy Harper who is the unfortunate victim of Damien Darhk & ends up laying in that mysterious grave that we seen in Episode 1. The list of potential victims gets longer and longer…

The answers to these questions will come in only a few episodes time & we are very excited about Mr. Haynes’ return!

P.S – We promise we will resume our Arrow & Flash reviews with a bumper cross over review. We have been very busy nerds plotting for what we hope is a very big 2016. 


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