Photos of the Pokemon Themed Gym Surface Online

A while back you may have heard the news that a Pokemon themed gym would be opening up in Osaka Japan at the end of November. Yes you have read that correctly, a Pokemon themed gym will open this month. Unfortunately it will not be the Pokemon gym we all crave.

Images of the inside of the gym have surfaced online courtesy of Japanese website Gigazine who had the chance to visit the gym ahead of its opening later this month.

Looking at the photo’s the gym looks to use certain Pokemon to correspond with certain exercises. That’s right, it is one of those gym’s, a work out gym. It is extremely intriguing though to have a Pokemon themed gym. Each set of exercises or each set if equipment has a game associated with it,  which is represented by a specific Pokemon, it is a great way to get people motivated to use the gym, and it is something they are familiar with and enjoy.

The gym will also feature a souvenir shop and Pokemon themed restaurant for those who crave some food after a work out or those who want some Pokemon collectibles after a tough session.

Check out the images of the gym below, and let us know what you think. If we ever go to Osaka we will certainly be checking it out.

p3250357-160322 p3250365-160323 p3250378-160324 p3250403-160325 p3250405-160326 p3250419-160327 p3250471-160331 p3250487-160332

P3250518_m p3250541-160334

P3250572_m  p3250607-160338 p3250623-160340 P3250639_m P3250654_m P3250666_m


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