Details Released For “The Mummy” Reboot Set To Star Tom Cruise!

News of mega star Tom Cruise set to have a starring role in the reboot of “The Mummy” sparked an internet frenzy yesterday, now we finally get our hands on the possible plot ideas.

Doing our research we came across an interesting idea on the famous movie – source site IMDb!
The movie site states the following:

“The story follows Navy Seal Tyler Colt and his mission in the Iraqi desert to find a group of terrorists hiding out in a bunker. To his and his team’s surprise, the terrorists within the bunker turn out be nothing more than some grave robbers who have all magically died. Upon entering the bunker Tyler and his team also succumb to some mystical forces out of their control. They soon realize the bunker they have infiltrated is actually a centuries old tomb. Mayhem erupts as all the Navy Seal members start turning on one another and are captivated by the forces within the tomb. Tyler is the only one to make it all the way deep within the tomb alive to find a black iron sarcophagus. It’s marked with Egyptian symbols like the Ankh and Eye of Horus. Here Tyler is entreated by the forces to open the sarcophagus and release what is inside. But after placing his hand on the sarcophagus, he is immediately stabbed in the palm with a star shaped symbol. From then on Tyler’s mind is cursed with visions of Ashirtniple King of Assyria… The Mummy.”

With Alex Kurtzman, best known for his work on Star Trek, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Now You See Me is set to direct with upcoming Doctor Strange writer Jon Spaihts set to pen the screenplay.


With Cruise increasing rumoured to be in the starring role, it can now be discussed that he may take on the lead: Tyler Colt. I personally like the idea of a modern day take on the classic monster – plus with Cruise (hopefully) on board, he is one to delve extremely well into the whole process as he is a very faithful film maker!

We want to know your thoughts on the modern day take (idea)! Let us know in the comments! Nerd out!


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