The Walking… Disney?

Plenty of you out there love The Walking Dead. Plenty more of you love Disney. Well did you ever wonder what would happen if the two collided? 

Thanks to artist Kasami Sensei, you can now see what your favourite Disney characters would look like if they were implanted into the super violent post apocalyptical world of The Walking Dead! Characters like Buzz &Woody, Ariel, Anna & Elsa, Merida, Pocahontas & more have all been given awesome Zombie Ass-Kicking Make-Overs! Check out some of them below!

TWDMulan TWDLionKing TWDLiloStitch TWDTangled TWDBrave TWDHerc TWDTS TWDPocahontas TWDFrozen

If you liked these you can find more over on Kasami Sensei’s DeviantArt gallery! Us, we would totally watch a crossover!



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