Tom Cruise Sets His Eyes On A Monstrous Outing!

Tom Cruise is one to talk about, with his A List status and blockbusting franchises, he is one of the most recognised actors to date – now as of yesterday, reports are stating that he may be connected to a Universally loved franchise!

With Cruise currently filming “Never Go Back” the Jack Reacher sequel, Variety broke the news that the mega star was in talks to star in a rebooted story of “The Mummy”.


The sources also state that the star will help vamp up an idea of the Universal Monster Universe with various individual movies meeting with an Avenger like finale!

The plot details are vague but sources say it will be set in the present day unlike previous undead outings. Cruise’ role is thus far unknown but ideas have begun floating around from taking on The Mummy like role — but this has been shunned as his character is set to have a major role in various films. He is not set to produce but will have a massive in the marketing (obviously).

Although rumours began to circle of a possible Van Helsing role for Cruise but this has seemed to have disappeared!

What do you think of the news? Let us know!


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