Captain America: Civil War Teaser Trailer Easter Egg!

By now anyone who is a Marvel fan, a comic book fan or even a movie fan in general may have seen this little 2 and a half minute video that was released online yesterday known as the Captain America: Civil War teaser trailer. Unless you were hibernating or living under a rock you have seen it, and you seen how unbelievable awesome it is, it is so good. It creates so much anticipation for the movie and has fans longing for more.

It contains plenty of plot teases and shows us glimpses of most of theĀ movies heroes, but did anyone catch the glimpse of one of the films villains that we got? It is only a brief glimpse, if even that, but there is one there. Don’t believe us? Check out the image bellow:


Did you spot Crossbones in the shot of what we can presume are the Accords hunting for Bucky? You wouldn’t notice it unless you went hunting for Easter Eggs. We had to watch the trailer a few times before we spotted him hiding away in the background.

The last time we seen Frank Grillo was in Captain America: Winter Soldier, he had that big fight with Sam Wilson aka The Falcon in the Triskellion, before suffering major burns and was thought to be dead. Well he is certainly not dead, he is very much alive, and most likely out for vengeance against Cap as well as taking down Bucky.

Did you catch anymore Easter Eggs in the trailer? Do let us know.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.


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