RUMOUR MILL: Constantine Joining The Legends Of Tomorrow? Flash & Supergirl Crossover?

The gears have begun grinding quite rapidly on the rumour mill surrounding two interesting items that will be sure to intrigue fans of the Arrow & Flash Universe!

The first one involves everyone’s favourite Hellblazer John Constantine, whose appearance in Arrow a few episodes ago resulted in an online petition to get the character’s show back on the air went viral.

According to Bleeding Cool, a source has revealed to them that John Constantine may be joining forces with the Legends of Tomorrow… but not until Season Two! It is reported that the Arrow/Flash spin-off will be a rotating roster of superheroes that will change with each coming season and have a different mission also. This would certainly reflect how the likes of the Justice League & Avengers have worked in the comics throughout their existence. Dynamic line-ups, cameos & guest appearances have kept things fresh over the years while still retaining somewhat the same identity & moral code… well, sometimes.


However, given that the premiere episode of Legends of Tomorrow has not yet aired, we’d throw caution to the wind with this one despite how bloody much we would love it. There is no doubt that Legends will be a success, but that does not guarantee it a second season. In saying this, given the reception Constantine received when he appeared in Arrow, it would be absolutely wasteful to not utilise the character within the Arrow-verse in the future. Despite his own show being cancelled, Matt Ryan has proven himself to be an excellent Constantine; one that deserves a future.

Secondly, and once again according to Bleeding Cool is talk of a crossover that we have all been eagerly awaiting. The Flash & Supergirl.


BC’s source states that Krypton’s favourite daughter & Central City’s Scarlet Speedster will meet in May 2016, which would be towards the back-end of both seasons. That is of course, providing that Supergirl gets a full 22 episode run from CBS.


We wrote previously that we fully believe that Supergirl needs to be incorporated in to the world of Arrow & Flash, for its own sake more than anything. The crossovers between Arrow & Flash have always been big ratings boosters for the CW and are the most fan-satisfying episodes of both shows given the absolute nerd-gasms they deliver. Having the Green Arrow or The Flash have their asses handed to them by Supergirl before teaming up would be a massive spectacle.

Again, any rumour should be taken with a pinch of salt until confirmed but if the creative minds behind both shows wish to really impress the fans, then different networks hosting each show will be no obstacle here.


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