New Batman VS Superman Trailer To Debut During Gotham!

If noboody was tuning into the Batman prequel without Batman (sort of) that is Fox’s Gotham, then you certainly will be for the Fall Finale! 

It is coming to that point where TV Shows break up over Christmas and mid-season finales attempt to thrill viewers and leave them on a cliff hanger heading into the new year. While Flash & Arrow will have their crossovers, Gotham will be showing off a brand new trailer for Batman VS Superman!


Not to be undone by Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War which wowed everyone during the week, Warner Bros will be offering up a further look of their superhero versus movie which sees Gotham’s Dark Knight take on Metropolis’ Man of Steel. While BvsS will be released around two months before Civil War, you could definitely tell heads were turned during the week when Marvel dropped their trailer. Warner Bros maybe feel that it is time for a bit of retaliation in the game of marketing chess both studios will play in the run up to their respective releases. Some would say WB & DC have even had an easy time of it so far, with Marvel skipping out on San Diego Comic-Con, leaving WB/DC to stun everyone with fantastic trailers for Batman VS Superman & Suicide Squad.

To tease the trailer reveal, a video of the Gotham cast picking their winner in the scrap between Batman & Superman has been released!

Gotham‘s mid-season finale airs on 30th of November on FOX & is titled “Rise of the Villains: Worse Than A Crime” .


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