Batman V Superman Shows Us Doomsday, But A Very Different One!

So with the release of the new Batman V Superman trailer, we finally got our first look at one of the long-rumoured villains of the DC Superhero Main Event, Doomsday… but it looks like we will be seeing a very different Doomsday than we are used to. 

We will be speculating on what may or may not be vital plot points to Batman V Superman & the origin of Doomsday. These may be considered spoilers should you wish to know as little as possible about the movie. All good? Carry on.

BvS Spoiler Alert

For those unfamiliar with Doomsday, he is a villain within the DC Comics Universe mostly associated with Superman & is often a foe for the combined forces of the Justice League. He is traditionally depicted as an ancient creature born as a result of lab experimentation on the planet Krypton, long before the time of Kal El & his family. This experimentation lead to a deep-seated hatred of the Kryptonian race. His powers include superhuman speed, strength, healing, the ability to absorb other superpowers and most terrifyingly, the ability that if something should kill him, he will be reborn and have further evolved to the point that he is invulnerable to his previous weakness. He is also the only being within the history of the DC Universe to kill Superman. Scary, huh?

However it looks as if this origin will be, at least in ways, scrapped for Batman V Superman. Heavily modified may be the better word, though this is not unusual for comic book movies. This is of course still speculation for now, but from looking at the new trailer released on The Jimmy Kimmel Show it is clear to see what their intentions may be. General Zod is Doomsday.


Despite a neck-snapping at the hands of Superman in the Man of Steel, it seems that Zod’s reign of terror over Superman & Earth is not quite done. In the trailer, we see Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) carting the body of Zod into his laboratory. Shortly after a bit of villainous monologue-ing we see the emergence of Doomsday. Luthor in his manic ways has managed to reincarnate the being who almost destroyed the Earth in his battle with the Man of Steel & create one of the most powerful monsters in the DC Universe or “Devil” as Luthor terms it.

Whether this comes with the same powers as the traditional Doomsday, we can’t know for sure at the moment, but this is certainly a strange origin for the character. However, it isn’t too far off base either. Doomsday, as mentioned previously, holds a passionate hate for Kryptonians as a result of the experimentation performed on him eons ago. Cast your mind back to Man of Steel and you will be reminded that Zod shares a similar hatred of his own kind due to the events that took place during the Fall of Krypton; he also has a  particularly large chip on his shoulder with Kal El aka Superman. It is possible Luthor’s intention was to use this hate held by Zod in order to bring about the destruction of Superman, however the process of bringing him back caused a mutation that lead to the creature we see in Batman V Superman. Perhaps his hatred will spread to humanity in general given that it is a human rather than a Kryptonian who is the maker of Doomsday.


We will admit it is a very unconventional origin for Doomsday, especially given how him & Zod have always been very separate entities within the Superman canon. It is something that is also not going to sit well with quite a number of hardcore DC fans. Changes such as this rarely sit well among the vocal members of online forums & communities. Looking at it however, it is a change that in some ways actually works. If the core of the character is a hatred bred from Krypton & experimentation then there is little reason as to why Zod cannot be Doomsday. Off kilter, but still fitting the profile.

There is still the question of whether Batman V Superman needs Doomsday given that it already has Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Lex Luthor & Aquaman (Jason Momoa) to play a part along with the two titular heroes, but rumours still persist that Cyborg (Ray Fisher), The Flash (Ezra Miller) & Green Lantern will all make appearances somewhere in the movie too. If the running time is anything less than 2hrs 30mins, we will be very surprised. Still, for those who may argue that there will be too much going on, the same could have been said for the first Avengers movie… and look where that is now.


What do you think of Doomsday’s possible origin? Think Zack Snyder & Co. are right to shuffle things up a bit? Or should they stick to the source material for the sake of traditional canon? Do let us know your thoughts!

Batman V Superman hits theatres on March 25th 2016.


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