Feast your eyes on this amazing Red Hood fan film!

In today’s world, many people make fan film versions of their favourite movies, be it comic book movies, action movies, comedy movies, horror movies etc. They are made as a tribute or to pay homage of sorts to the movie or background source itself, they are also made by aspiring actors or directors looking to get their material out there. Another great fan film dropped on the internet this week.

Made in Perth Australia, we were treated to another take on the now infamous Red Hood story from the Batman Universe. The film stars Simon Arblaster, Brian Dennison, Ron Arthurs, Brodie Masini and Warren Lyons, these 5 guys bring the world of Red Hood (or Jason Todd as he was known before being the Red Hood) to our screens as he hunts the Joker and attempts to take out as many members of Gotham’s underworld as possible. The Interesting thing about this fan film is that Batman and Robin are both presumed dead leaving Red Hood as the online line of defense that Gotham has to distinguish between all the crime and its citizens.


Jason Todd was the second teen to take up the role of Batman’s sidekick, Robin, but he was killed by the Joker (who was the original Red Hood for those who don’t know), thanks to the Lazarus Pits often used by Ra’s Al Ghul, Todd was resurrected and took on the moniker of the Red Hood, vowing vengeance against the Joker. Since being officially brought back in the “Under the Red Hood” storyline from comic book writer Judd Winnick, Jason Todd has had several of his own series as well as frequent guest appearances in the overall DC Universe.

You may have noticed there was little information about the fan film in this post, that is because it is something you have to check out for yourself. At 23 minutes and 16 seconds it won’t take up much of your time, it is definitely worth checking out.


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