Deadpool IMAX Trailer Released Online!

As we have written countless times by now, we cannot wait for the Deadpool movie which is due out next year, and we are fairly certain neither can all of Deadpool’s die-hard fans. The Merc with the Mouth is getting his very own movie, and will be portrayed by Ryan Reynolds again, but this time portrayed as Deadpool should be, an anti-hero that runs his mouth and is full of humour, not that poor version we got in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

We have already been treated to the trailer for it, and we are in the middle of the 12 Days of Deadpool which has been extremely generous to us. If you have not heard of it, you definitely need to check it out, so far it has given us a page from the script covered in Deadpool’s notes, a poster for the movie, a Deadpool emoji app (yes you read that correctly) and today we got the IMAX trailer.

Check it out below:

In this short teaser we get short snips from the trailer, but the real gem is the start of the video, it sees Reynolds in the Deadpool costume (it looks so good, as we all know already), sitting with a chimichanga, a normal sized chimichanga, which he says is the human brain, he then goes on in typical Deadpool fashion with some added humour, the camera pans out to reveal a giant chimichanga on a table in from of him, where he reveals that the giant chimichanga is your brain on IMAX.

This short 30 teaser brings us the joyous news that we will get to see Deadpool in all his glory in IMAX, which is fantastic news. Certainly makes the anticipation for the movie even greater.

Deadpool hits cinema’s February 12th 2016 and it honestly can’t come quick enough.


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