Did Disney Drop A Massive ‘Star Wars’ Spoiler

With Star Wars The Force Awakens being the most talked about film of the year or the decade, There has been some crazy theories thrown out there about Rey, Finn and the rest of the Star Wars Cast.




Before we get into this if you have not seen Star Wars The Force Awakens PLEASE TURN BACK NOW.



Okay to the point, Rey the main character and new hero has a mysterious past. Left alone on a desert planet as a child, scavenging scrap to trade for food and waiting for her family to return, also we find out she is force sensitive and pretty damn powerful aswell, So everyone is throwing theories out there that she is Luke’s daughter or she is Kylo Ren’s sister if you go by the EU which is no longer canon.


But it has emerged that Disney might have given us the answer in gameplay footage they have released from the new Star Wars game Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens.┬áRey is fighting Kylo Ren Whom is the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa who has turned to the dark side. As they start to fight, Kylo Ren seems to say “Fight Me Cousin”

Wait what did he just say? After careful analysis here at Nerd HQ using sophisticated technology and voice renegotiation, okay we just watched the clip about thirty times. Kylo does seem to say “Fight Me Cousin”.


Now while everyone can say well DUUHH!!! Luke’s lightsaber did call out to Rey which would indicate they are somehow related nobody could fully say she is the daughter of the great Luke Skywalker. But if this footage is real Disney have mistakenly revealed a huge plot point to the new saga.

One question does remain why did Rey not know her fathers name? If you recall Rey said to Finn “Luke Skywalker I thought he was just a myth”(or along the lines of that), So why does Rey not know who her own father is? This will no doubt open up another can of theories.

If you want to watch the video yourself you can do so here. Disney have since removed the video from their YouTube channel and are probably kicking themselves for not thoroughly watching the video themselves before posting online .

What do you think was it obvious that Rey was the daughter of the powerful Luke Skywalker?

Let us know in the comments below.


After more examination of the fight scene between Kylo & Rey, Kylo does NOT say “Fight Me Cousin” , Kylo shouts “Face Me” with a very well timed attack from Rey, Kylo shouts CURSES! as the barrel exploded it sounded like Cousin. Keep an eye for further updates


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