Homefront: The Revolution Release Date Possibly Leaked

It looks like there has been a reservation card printed for a major US retailer with a release date visible.

Published by XboxAchievements, A reservation card printed for US retailer Target reveals the long awaited Homefront sequel for a May 2016 release date. Homefront: The Revolution has had a difficult few years, With previous publisher THQ going bankrupt and financial issues with Crytek. According to Koch Media, Homefronts now owner gave a Spring 2016 release date as for the leak there has been no comment made thus far.


(Credit Gamespot)

Cj Kershner a writer at Homefront’s UK developer Dambuster, Said that the studio “is making its own unique mark on the name of Homefront.”

He continued, “Anything that you remember or know about the first game forget it now, It’s not a continuation of that story or that style of gameplay. There’s a reason we don’t call it Homefront 2.”


(credit Gamespot)

With the snapshot of the reservation card it is pretty solid we will be getting Homefront: The Revolution in May.

Are you looking forward to the new Homefront? After all that time we hope that this “new mark”will be something we enjoy.

For the latest info on Homefront: The Revolution keep it here on Nerd Lowdown.




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