When Does Captain America Civil War Take Place?

As we draw ever closer to the release of Captain America Civil War, the anticipation and excitement begins to grow. Plenty of questions are being asked about the movie and the direction it will take. Some of the biggest questions being asked are when will we see Spider-Man? When will we see Ant-Man? What will actually spark the civil war? When will it take place? One of those questions has been answered.

When asked in a recent interview with comicbook.com about when Civil War will take place, directors Anthony & Joe Russo had this to say: “We like to say that the amount of time that has passed in between films is the amount of time that has passed in the movies”. There we have it, straight from the horses mouth, that the time between each film is the length of time that has passed in each movie. So by the time Civil War takes place, a year has passed since the events of Age of Ultron.


So a year has passed, Captain America is leading and training this new team of Avengers since the old team went their separate ways at the end of Age of Ultron. Hulk went into hiding, Tony went to spend time with Pepper, and Thor went back to Asgard to find about more about the Infinity Stones. So Captain America, leads the new team: Black Widow, Scarlett Witch, The Vision and Falcon. We know they will be joined in this movie by Ant-Man, and the film will reintroduce The Winter Soldier as well as introducing Black Panther and Spider-Man to the MCU.

We can imagine that the effects of Age of Ultron will still play a big part of the story telling in Civil War. The world will be extremely hesitant to show support for Superheroes considering the collateral damage they have caused while saving the world. This causes tensions to rise and the registration action to be brought in and it causes a rift between the Avengers. This movie is set to change the course of the MCU and set in motion Phase 3, which ends with our heroes battling Thanos in Infinity Wars Part 1 and 2.

Captain America Civil War opens in cinemas on April 29th 2016.


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