RUMOUR PATROL: Is The Punisher About To Receive His Own Netflix Series?

With Daredevil‘s impending second season release on the 18th of March, it is fair to say that many people’s eyes are on the introduction of Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle aka the Punisher. But is he about to get his own Netflix show? 

According to TVLine, the guys pulling the strings at Netflix are very close to giving the green light to the development of a series starring Jon Bernthal as Marvel’s most lethal assassin. Bernthal has apparently impressed beyond expectations in his portrayal of the Punisher which only excites us even more for Daredevil Season 2 & further.


While we will say this is a rumour, and as always to treat all rumours with a pinch of salt, we will admit that we would have always expected a Punisher series to be more of a when not if case. The Punisher, in a very similar vein to Deadpool, is a character who is overwhelmingly popular but it is difficult to find a medium in which he will flourish on-screen. This was shown by two underwhelming movies starring the character. Netflix however, is a prime battlefield for the Punisher to go to war with a vengeance. We also included the character in our list of Marvel characters who warrant a Netflix series!

We’ll monitor this one as it progresses. Both Marvel & Netflix declined to comment on TVLine’s queries but sometimes with Marvel, silence says more than a comment.


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