BREAKING: Jessica Jones Will Receive A Second Season!

After bringing to you news that the Punisher may be getting his own Netflix series, it now looks like Jessica Jones will be joining Daredevil in getting a second outing! 

The news was dropped today at the Television Critic Association press tour and we could not be happier with this! For those who have watched Marvel’s Jessica Jones, we got a brilliant lead heroine in Jessica, and one of the very few genuinely compelling villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the shape of David Tennant’s Kilgrave/Purple Name. It would have been a crime for it not to get a second shot & continue Jessica’s story.


When we will get this second season is obviously still unknown. IGN reached out to Netflix’s CCO Ted Sarandos who advised that it really depends on the scheduling of The Defenders. Remember, Luke Cage & Iron Fist are still to get their own treatments along with an Avengers-esque team up in The Defenders so Jessica Jones may have to wait until after this point to get another look in!

Either way, we are very excited & are truly delighted that this isn’t the end of the road for Jessica Jones as a series!


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