Want To Watch Random Episodes Of The Simpsons? Now You Can!

Here at Nerd Lowdown we’re big fans of The Simpsons! The joy of the show is that you can watch at any episode in any season and not really miss out on anything. They’re also a great go to when you are unsure of what else to watch! 

The problem is, given that The Simpsons is now into its 27th season and has a multitude of quality episodes over it’s 20+ years on air it’s hard to know which episode to start on. But be not afraid, Nerd Lowdownites, for we have found your saviour!

While stumbling across the vast plains of the internet, we have come across a fun little tool which will randomly generate an episode of The Simpsons for you! This handy little website completely eliminates the difficult episode selection process, and even allows you to hone in on a range of seasons. So, for those who are not fond of the new stuff, you can crank it back to only select from older seasons or vice versa!


We’ve tried it, and it works wonders! It is missing the 27th season which is ongoing, but that might be added later. Click here to enjoy random episodes of The Simpsons in all their yellow glory!

Nerd Lowdown Cares: Remember, while we used this site without any hitches, glitches or alarm bells, we do recommend you have a good anti-virus and utilise AdBlocker when traversing any sites that this generator brings you to. It’s all too easy to get a virus anywhere online, so journey the net with care folks!


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