Feast Your Eyes On The Justice League!

March 25th will herald a new dawn for the DC Universe with the release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while that movie may focus mostly on DC’s Trinity it looks like we might have gotten our first glimpse of the first Justice League roster! 


If you don’t already know, after tonight’s The Flash on CW there will be a DC Comics special dubbed The Dawn of the Justice League. It will be hosted by Kevin Smith & Geoff Johns and will bring us a new Suicide Squad trailer, Wonder Woman sneak peeks and a whole host of other Justice League goodies.

Via the brand spankin’ new official DC Films Facebook page we have been treated to a concept image of what will be the full Justice League team when they arrive on our screens, possibly as early as Batman vs Superman!


The image, albeit an artists rendering, gives us our first look at Ray Fisher’s Cyborg & Ezra Miller’s Flash. They may not be the final designs, or the final line up… or at least we hope not as the Flash’s logo is a little backwards and there is a severe lack of Green Lantern! Green Lantern of course, may not be included as of yet due to the fact that there has been little to no details on the Green Lantern Corps project as of yet but maybe that will change tonight with The Dawn of the Justice League! DC/WB have a bunch of characters to introduce before they even think about a Green Lantern and Cyborg & Flash may just be easier options!


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