PG-13 Rated Deadpool Movie – An Impossible Task

We are less than a month out from the release of Deadpool (WOOOO!), and fans are starting to feel the excitement in their chimichangas already! However, there has been a little bit of upset in the Deadpool Core recently… 

A petition appeared online recently campaigning 20th Century Fox to put together a PG-13 cut of the soon to be released Deadpool movie. Grace Randolph, creator of several comic book themed YouTube shows & writer of several Justice League Unlimited issues, put forth the idea in order so that a woman’s 8-year-old son could attend the Merc With A Mouth’s debut on the big screen. No, we’re not counting THAT other time. If you think this idea went down well, then you have another thing coming!


Now, we’re going to be honest here and say all credit to Grace Randolph’s efforts. We all remember being of a certain age & being told you couldn’t play X game or see Y movie as it was not for your age. It was tough & a massive kick in the teeth so believe us when we say we genuinely do have sympathy for young Matthew. Many of us also remember playing or seeing what we were not meant to anyway and not being worse off for it, but that’s a conversation for another day.

When it comes to Deadpool however, we have to say that a PG-13 cut of the movie running simultaneously with the R-Rated model is impossible. Why? Firstly, it is way too close to release to effectively redub & possibly reshoot entire parts of the movie. Green-banding a trailer is a very different prospect to green-banding the entire movie. There’s also the question of quality. If you compare the green-band & red-band Deadpool trailers, they are two very different prospects. The delivery of many of the laugh out loud moments from the red-band trailer are completely dulled down in the green-band.

Plus, if you were to cut everything that is making Deadpool R-Rated, we expect you would be lucky to top 30 minutes of footage. That’s how R-Rated we expect this movie to be. Then, imagine in a time when there are many movies being released at once. Cinemas, with limited screens, will have to choose which version to show. That would be the PG-13 one over the R-Rated in a bid for more asses on seats, leaving those who wish to see the R-Rated version having to travel further afield or perhaps unable at all. Realistically, an understandable bid for more profit by cinemas. We’d never blame them, but the fans may lose out.


Deadpool is an R-Rated character. Deadpool wears this R-Rating firmly on his chest, sleeve, deformed face, you name it. This is an anti-hero who single-handedly killed the entire Marvel Universe. In fact, fans of the character have been championing for an R-Rating ever since that glorious test footage was conveniently leaked at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Deadpool‘s official R-Rating, despite getting it a ban in China, has been widely celebrated and arguably hard-fought for by fans & more importantly, the crew behind the project; Ryan Reynolds, Tim Miller, Rob Liefeld & co. We’re full sure these guys spent hours campaigning with the studio to bring the real Deadpool to the screen and surprisingly, have been successful.

Who out there would have thought that we would ever see an R-Rated Deadpool movie? Not me. I’d have laughed the suggestion off. But now, we are getting it, and we need to herald this as an achievement in a PG-13 saturated comic book movie industry. It gives us fresh hope that studios will see the value in characters who are R-Rated, darker, violent, whatever takes your fancy. We’ll admit Deadpool may not be a financial success in comparison to his Avenging colleagues, but if a critical success leads us to a Deadpool & Cable/Deadpool vs Wolverine sequel *DROOLS* or an R-Rated Venom movie for example, then that’s a win in our books.


As we said before, we see where the PG-13 campaign is coming from but given the true nature of the character, we simply cannot get on board with it. Deadpool is a character that truly warrants an R-Rated spectacle and that is deservedly, what it is getting.

Deadpool hits Irish cinemas on February 10th. Be there.


4 thoughts on “PG-13 Rated Deadpool Movie – An Impossible Task”

  1. Just make the entire movie a 15A like 12a’s (UK) so that would be the best decision as everybody’s happy, 11 yr olds -14 yr olds get to see the movie with an adult and 15+ people get to see the movie they were gonna see anyway, it’s that simple Hollywood just make it happen!


    1. Even 15A is not enough to do justice to Deadpool. He is an R-Rated character at heart and only an R-Rating can truly portray him as such. If there is to be a new cut, it probably wouldn’t surface until the dvd release… but I wouldn’t count on it!


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