New Suicide Squad Trailer Drops!

Even though the release Batman V Superman is not very far away, the spotlight has begun to shine on DC Comics’ worst heroes ever. The Suicide Squad

In a brand new trailer released as part of DC’s The Dawn of the Justice League special, we get just a little bit more insight into each member of the ‘Skwad’ along with some more wonderfully maniacal moments with The Joker & Harley Quinn!

The trailer is wacky, out there & a whole lot of crazy all rolled into one! The setting of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody against the action is just perfect! They may be DC’s worst heroes ever, but they sure know how to put on a show it seems!

While overall, and we may just need to watch it one or two more times, there does not seem to be too much to analyse. It’s mostly trailer fluff introducing the characters & a few laugh a minute moments from Joker & Harley. But one scene of note is what seems to be The Joker pulling Harley Quinn out of a big vat of green chemicals. This could be the .ACE Chemicals scene that has been rumoured. The question is whether it’s a flashback origin for Harley and even The Joker, or if she still has a further transition to go through in the film.

Either way, we’re very excited for David Ayer’s villain mash-up!

Suicide Squad hits theatres on August 5th 2016.


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