Speculation: Who Will Die In Captain America Civil War?

With each passing day we edge ever closer to the release of Captain America: Civil War, a film which will refine the Marvel Cinematic Universe and change it in a big way.

As it draws nearer, more news, information and speculation about the film leaks out. Some of the latest news to be released is the rumor that there was two funeral scenes filmed for the movie, and speculation has mounted as to who’s funeral’s they may be if the rumor is true, here we take a look at the possibilities of who may kick the bucket.




Peggy Carter:

This one wouldn’t be a major blow to the Avengers as a team, but it would be a significant blow to Steve Rogers (if it is here, could be some form of motivation for Steve). Peggy Carter  (Haley Hatwell) was a well respect and high ranked officer in S.H.I.E.L.D having been one of the founding members along with Howard Stark. She played an integral part in the first Captain America movie, being by Steve’s side throughout the movie, and being his love interest. She received her own spin-off series Agent Carter due to her popularity. We last seen Peggy Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Steve went to visit her in a nursing home, now a frail old woman, she has a brief conversation with Steve before relapsing in memory to the first time she met him. Could one of the funeral scenes be for her? There is a very high possibility that it will be.


War Machine:

This one is also  likely the less surprising than people would thing, as we have already seen a shot of Tony Stark cradling  James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) in the trailer for the movie, whether he’s dead, knocked unconscious or fatally injured has yet to be answered. Rhodey has been Tony’s right hand man of sorts through out the 3 Iron Man movies, he has had Tony’s back when needed and been an integral part to the Iron Man series. Whether Marvel would give away the death of one of the key characters in the story in the trailer is highly unlikely, so this death could be 50/50, although we doubt he will die, Marvel wouldn’t foolishly give it away in the trailer.


Scarlet Witch:

Could Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) be the one to bite the bullet? Would Marvel be so bold as to kill off their two new Avengers not long after introducing them into the MCU? We lost Quicksilver in Age of Ultron, so we gather Wanda will be looking to do him proud. There are more rumors making their way around stating that Vision could be leaving Earth at the end of Civil War, while the reason for this has not been stated, could the death of Wanda be the reason? Could they form a relationship in Civil War like they had in the comics? Could this lead to the death of Wanda (probably at the hands of Baron Zemo) and the Vision taking off?


Captain America:

Could this one actually happen? Would Marvel be this bold?. We know that Chris Evans has one more film left in his contract after Civil War. I know what you are thinking, if he has one more movie, how could they think of killing him off? Its simple… Flashback scenes, they could be used to take up the additional movie left on his contract.

But less of that, back to the matter at hand, would Marvel kill off one of their biggest characters in his own movie? We know that after the events of the Civil War comic that Captain America was assassinated (a move orchestrated by Cross-Bones), so could Marvel bring the death of Captain America into the film? They certainly could. The movie is said to shake up the MCU forever and what bigger way than to do that than to kill off Captain America, so this death will it might not happen depending on how ballsy Marvel want to be wouldn’t come as a shock. Some one can always step up to take up the moniker of Captain America if it happened anyway, Bucky and Falcon both have done so in the comics, no reason why they couldn’t in the movies.



This one may seem a bit far-fetched,  but this is based on something Falcon says in the trailer and that is who ever is shooting at Cap is likely shooting at him too. So what if the people who are shooting at Cap shoot at him, and he bites the bullet? What if instead of Cap dying Falcon takes a bullet for him? Showing loyalty to his friend? This could very happen. Say though of they kill Captain America, would they kill Falcon too? Highly unlikely, but with Marvel anything is a possibility. Something tells us though Sam Wilson won’t be buried by the end of this movie, he could be the one to step up and take the role of Captain America is Steve dies, so this one is the least likely.


So Civil War will be a game changer, and reshape the MCU for good, this could every well be done by the death of one or maybe even two of the Avengers. While the first funeral is more than likely to be Peggy Carter’s, who the second funeral is for (if the rumor of there being two funeral’s is true) is up in the air, it is hard to know how big of a slap in the face Marvel wants to give the fans, either way April 29th can’t arrive quick enough.

Who do you guys think will die if someone is to die? Let us know.

Civil War drops in theaters April 29th.



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