Rumor Report: Has Hulk’s Role In Thor Ragnarok Been Revealed?

As we get set to kick off Phase 3 with Captain America: Civil War, rumors and speculation about other Phase 3 movies begin to pick up steam. One of the hottest rumors to sweep across the internet this week, is the rumored role that The Hulk will have in Thor: Ragnarok. We know he is confirmed to be appearing in the 3 part of the Thor trilogy, but what role he will have has been lacking good leads and information, quite possibly until now that is.

We last seen Hulk towards the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron as he went into hiding in a Quinjet with its cloaking device activated, hiding himself from the world. Every since then, rumors have been going round speculating a possible Planet Hulk movie, well if the latest report by is true, his role in Thor: Ragnarok may be linked to the possibility of such a movie happening somewhere down the line.


Loki and Hela’s plan involves the major arc of the Marvel Universe, and just when it looks like Thor is about to put a stop to it, he gets banished — but not to any old planet. He ends up on a gladiatorial planet where his head is shaved and he’s forced to fight for his life. Let’s call this planet Sakaar, like it was in the comic books.

Thor knows that he has to get to some MacGuffin weapon object to defeat Hela and Loki (could this be the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos is in possession of, or maybe an assemblage of Infinity Stones?) and he has to get off the planet. Thor runs through all of his alien opponents in gladiatorial combat, even without his trademark hammer. Finally, Thor has to face the current champion of the arena, and wouldn’t you know who that ends up being? The Hulk.”


Another interesting thing to note that is going around the internet is that Hulk has not turned back in to Bruce Banner since the events of Age of Ultron, so it has been reported that the minds of Banner and the Hulk have begun to merge. This could shape things up a good bit in the movies, as this could see Hulk or Banner as Hulk recognize Thor and this could form an alliance that topples Hela and Loki, it also brings in more of the Hulk’s back story from the comics which we haven’t had the chance to see on screen.

What do you think of this? Is is a good way to bring the Hulk into the film if this rumors turns out to be true? Could it be a teaser for a possible Planet Hulk movie somewhere down the Marvel pipeline? It is a comic that fans have been longing to be adapted to the big screen, Marvel could very well be planting the seeds for that (and there is the fact that the 3rd Avengers movie could take part largely in Space), they could be giving fans a glimmer of hope.

If the rumor turns out to be true, it is quite an effective way to bring Banner/Hulk into the film and help create the alliance that Thor and Hulk may have in the film. The biggest take away though is the potential Planet Hulk movie teaser.

Thor: Ragnarok opens in cinema’s on November 3rd 2017.


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