A New Contender Hits The Irish Comic Book Scene!

With the ever-growing popularity of comic books, the Irish comic book scene continues its emergence & growth. Now, a new contender has come to the fore and one looking to make a difference! 


Revolve Comics is a brand new IRISH comic book brand and the brain child of Northern Ireland based writer Danny McLaughlin. Revolve Comics is set to take the market by storm with not only comic books, but fantastic support services too! You might be wondering what services a comic book brand could possibly offer but Revolve have a wide range of options for people to avail of including workshops for people with disabilities or even a comic book that aims to help young people with Diabetes further understand their diagnosis. To the folks at Revolve Comics, the story is the most important aspect of a comic book:

“We understand that in storytelling the most important person is the reader. This is why we have put care into and focus on creating a service for organisations and companies to benefit from our approach to innovative communication delivery, from creating social media content to crafting comics that will help understand difficult situations such as learning about diabetes after being diagnosed. We teach it with a story.

The skills that Revolve Comics use everyday are key in the storytelling industry, from comics to television and movies. Creating concepts, writing, storyboarding, and artwork are all key expertise which we are happy to pass on to the next generation of budding storytellers. We do this by facilitating tailored workshops. From helping schools with low literacy to helping people on the autism spectrum gain employability. We are here to help.”


Here at Nerd Lowdown, we firmly believe that the work being done by Revolve Comics is absolutely fantastic. Assisting young people with disabilities like Autism or Downs Syndrome or even helping a young person cope with the diagnosis of an illness is so important. Comic Books are in a unique place where they have a massive potential to deliver this help whether it be through workshops based on creating comics or their easily accessible reading style. They have the potential to be a very important tool in aiding those most important to us.

Along with this, Revolve Comics also have plans for their own brand comic books. Their first release will be titled Solstice and more news will be available on that front very shortly!

We look forward to hearing more from Revolve Comics in the near future and we predict a very bright future ahead for them! If you wish to check out more from Revolve or get in touch with them in regards to the services they offer, you can do so through Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram!


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