The ‘Fast and Furious’ Is About To Get An Upgrade!

Coming off a very profitable $1..5b success of last years Furious 7 it has long been rumored of a possible few follow up models – well, today, we finally got the gears in order!

With Fast and Furious 8 being confirmed a number of weeks ago, fans of the franchise lived in hope of a possible explosive goodbye in the form of the 8th (and very possible) last entry to this Gran Prix saga, but hey when your 7th motor-head wields in the biggest earning yet, who said they should stop there?

download (2)

With the now titled ‘Fast 8’  ready to hit the road running next April, Universal Execs have now shipped out release dates for, (yes you’re reading this right) two more…

Tallying a might Ten movie saga over two decades, the Fast and Furious franchise hopes to bring it all to an end in 2021. Not even the likes of the MCU or SW have reached a confirmed tally like that! Talk about being ahead of the game!

With main star and our love-able GROOT breaking the news over on his official Instagram account –

A post shared by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

Spawning incredible buzz, fans have begun to chitchat about who and where they might take the final trilogy!

Story wise, we have nothing much to go off as of yet, but Mr. Diesel and the the oh so fab Dwayne Johnson are confirmed to be returning with veteran Kurt Russel rumored to be making a comeback also.

With last year’s Straight Outta Compton’s F.Gary Gray  signed onto helm the director’s chair, we will have to wait and see what explosive OTT story they show off next year!

Excited about the new trilogy? Let us know! Nerd out!


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