Battalion 1944 Reaches Funding After 2 Days

Two days ago I wrote an article on Bulkead Interactive a UK based development team seeking funding to give their WWII FPS the green light.

Just two days later Bulkhead Interactive have surpassed the desired amount, You can continue to donate which will improve the overall game quality help toward server stability and show the dev team at Bulkhead that people love their idea and want this to happen.


The guys over at Bulkhead Interactive are not just asking average joe soaps to hand over their hard earned cash to support their idea, They have fronted 100,000 of their own funds to put the project ahead check out the pie chart below explaining where the money collected will go.


With an estimated release date set around 2017 with what we have seen already it will be worth the wait. Battalion 1944 is a mulitplayer FPS set during key events during World War 2, You can check out our article on the project here.

As I have said before WWII shooters need a comeback it has been long overdue, With a game like Battalion 1944 this will be one heck of a comeback. Keep an eye on Nerd Lowdown for all the latest information that arises.

You can continue to donate on their kickstarter page here.




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