Deadpool Opens Up To EW In a Deep Meaningful Interview!

Deadpool has been the go Superhero for blood, guts, foul language but there is always a deeper more offensive side to every merc with the mouth and today Entertainment Weekly had the chance to sit down and really get to know Mr. Wade Wilson.

The following is the quoted (full) interview with the love-able man in the red suit, enjoy!… And try not to take too much offense!


EW: Mr. Deadpool, you’re often referred to as an anti-hero. How do you feel about that label?
Deadpool: Labels are for jars. I keep my enemies’ organs in mine.

EW: Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortenson. Tina Turner was Anna Mae Bullock. Who was Wade Wilson, the man you used to be?
Deadpool: Wade Wilson was in fact, Tina Turner. Mind. Blown. 

EW: You’ve been nicknamed “The Merc with a Mouth.” Is your mouth your best feature? If not, what is? 
Deadpool: Curiously, my a–hole has the brighter smile. And more teeth. 

EW: Your movie stalled a number of times before being greenlit in 2014. What was the lowest point for you?
Deadpool: I once had aggressive, middle-of-the-night anonymous sex in a public park with several U.S. Senators. But the low point? Probably auditioning forSpider-Man. 

EW: The film received an R rating for “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content, and graphic nudity.” What’s the most offensive thing about it?
Deadpool: There is absolutely nothing offensive about this movie. In the future, it will be used in kindergartens to shape tiny minds into wholesome soldiers of God.

EW: Have you ever seen the Clint Eastwood movie The Dead Pool? Do you worry fans may confuse the two?
Deadpool: Please… Not even Clint Eastwood saw that film. 

EW: You are pals with Wolverine. What does he smell like?
Deadpool: I only know what he tastes like. In a word? Umami.

EW: Do you get starstruck by other superheroes? Who’s your superhero crush? 
Deadpool: Peter Parker is by far the most impressive member of One Direction. 

EW: Many of your superhero colleagues like Captain America and Thor avoid the topic of sex. Do you have any tips for them?
Deadpool: I only have one tip for them. So they’re gonna have to share. 

EW: You named your Katana swards after Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur. Why is she more alluring than Betty White or Rue McClanahan?
Deadpool: Could she be less alluring? Kidding! Betty White makes me swoon.

EW: You’re incredibly fit. What’s your secret for staying in shape?
Deadpool: My first girlfriend was named Shape… And trust me, it wasn’t a secret.”

Beautiful interview if you ask us!

Deadpool hits Irish screens next week! Nerd out!



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