Did Konami Just Green Light A Metal Gear Solid Remake

Not to long ago a video surfaced online of the 1998 Metal Gear Solid running on Unreal Engine 4.

An independent developer has started working on a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid and everyone lost their shit. Check out the trailer yourself.

Metal Gear Solid has never looked so good going by the name of ‘Shadow Moses’ ┬áthe devs have put alot of hard work into remastering one of the best games ever made. But while everyone is getting excited there is one issue they don’t have permission to re-master a title that does not belong to them.

So while everyone is sitting on the edge of their chairs waiting for Konami to issue a cease and desist, it now looks like things might be full steam ahead. The devs have shared uplifting tweets hinting at maybe Konami are all for it.




Going by these tweets things are looking sweet for the devs. This writer is pretty sure with the level of publicity the re-make has received if Konami were to shut the project down they’d have done so by now. We will just have to keep an eye on @ShawdowMosesGame twitter for more updates. We here at Nerd Lowdown are long time fans of Metal Gear Solid and would love nothing more to see the 1998 classic get the re-make it deserves, From what we have seen it is in very capable hands.

For more information on ‘Shadow Moses’ keep it locked to Nerd Lowdown.




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