Watch Far Cry’s Primal The Charge Live Trailer

Ubisoft have changed things up in the next addition to the Far Cry franchise no more guns boats or gadgets.

It is all about spears, bows and arrows and sabertooths. Far Cry Primal takes place sometime around 10,000 BC. Check out the trailer below.

The trailer starts of like any normal trailer with a Call Of Duty feel but dives back through history until we reach a time before the Mesolithic period.You are in the fictional world of Oros filled with saber-tooths and mammoths. You play as Takkar a hunter who is stranded in Oros after his hunting party was ambushed; Using skills he learns and taming animals Takkar will rise up to lead his own clan.

Far Cry Primal will come to PS4 & XONE on February 23rd, Far Cry will land on PC March 1st.


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