Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement!

While it is not one of our major focuses here at Nerd Lowdown, some of us are wrestling fans, and every now and again bring you wrestling related articles. Today we bring you another one, but this one however brings sad news to the world of professional wrestling. As the title of this article states, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan  (real name Bryan Danielson) has announced his retirement, effective immediately.

Bryan broke the news on his twitter account earlier today in a move that shook the wrestling world and all those involved in it, while it may have come as no surprise to some, it is still hard news to digest.

The former World Heavyweight Champion has been on a medical leave from WWE since April 2015 for a concussion-related injury which seen him vacate the Intercontinental title and speculation as to whether he would ever wrestle again was a topic of heated discussions  for many months and it seems today that question has been answered. It is worth noting that Bryan also previously underwent neck surgery in May 2014 which forced him to vacate the World Heavyweight title shortly after he won it at Wrestlemania 30.

Bryan will make a formal announcement and explain his decision on WWE Raw tonight, giving fans some form of closure, and a better explanation as to why he announced his retirement, whether that is from just WWE or active wrestling altogether remains to be seen. Hopefully we get some answers tonight. While this will be some lose to the world of professional wrestling as Bryan still has so much more to offer, a mans health is much more important than anything else.

All of us here at Nerd Lowdown wish Daniel Bryan the best of luck with whatever he decides to do in his retirement.


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