Superbowl TV Spots For Batman V Superman Land!

Even movie fans have a valid excuse to watch the Superbowl as it is chocked with movie trailers. First Civil War, now Batman V Superman TV Spots! 

The Batman V Superman TV Spots take the shape of Turkish Airlines adverts for flying to Gotham & Metropolis. While both are just fluff pieces featuring both cities respective billionaires, they are clever little promotional goodies and the Batman one in particular gives us a fantastic look at Gotham!

If you paid particular attention to the Batman TV spot, you’d have noticed a Gotham skyline that looks like it is ripped straight out of the Arkham City video game, but more importantly – ACE Chemicals.


Batman fans will recognise the ACE Chemicals logo instantly and will also understand it’s significance within the Batman Universe. The ACE Chemicals factory is where Batman had his first run in with the Joker, albeit in the guise of the Red Hood. A quick dip in a vat of chemicals later and out comes the Clown Prince of Crime himself. Or at least, that’s ONE of his many origin stories. With the appearance of ACE Chemicals, it can be assumed that it will be relevant in the origin of either the Joker or Harley Quinn in the DC Expanded Universe; or even both!

Of course, all will be revealed on both March 25th & August 5th with the release of Batman V Superman & Suicide Squad!


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