Zombies Get Some Fresh Appreciation Over At XBOX HQ!

In a marketing campaign for Dying Light: The Following (Enhanced Edition) the guys over at Xbox have made up an ingenious Time Lapse of all the most famous flesh eaters to grace the screen! 

Entitled 100 Years of Zombie Evolution the guys and girls add exceptional creature effects and facts to this 2 min 42 second clip! Take a look here:

From the Rabid Zombie first seen in 2002’s 28 Days Later to The Biter seen in the Brad Pitt epic World War Z, Zombies are seen to be the most famous/popular Pop Culture monster to ever grace the screen both in movies and TV – with mega hit’s The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead.

With many interpretations of the infamous brain snacking foes – we at Nerd Lowdown are incredibly blown away by this time lapse video!

Along with this video, the latest trailer for the highly anticipated game was released last night:

Any Dying Light game lovers out there? We want to know!

Finally, we also want to know what are some of your favorite Zombie Games/movies? We gotta say that we are huge fans of The Last of Us and Zack Synder’s Dawn of the Dead remake!

So tell us in the comments below! Nerd out!


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