Ryan Reynolds And His Best Flicks!

Morning folks and happy Ryan Reynolds Day! Yes! With the release of the much anticipated Deadpool previewing everywhere today – we have decided to give you our views on our favourite flicks this hunky Canadian has graced his lovely face in! Lets get cracking! 

Just to start off, our favourite merc with the mouth will not be making an appearance as only our Editor in Chief has seen his flick.. (and won’t stop going on about it actually!) So this will be a Pre-Deadpool list!


Sorry Mr. Pool.

Kicking off our list is:

The Proposal:


Not only is Reynolds great as soon to be unaware wed to veteran star Sandra Bullock in this laugh out loud comedy – but it has so much heart where it could have fallen flat!
All you comedy lovers gotta check this one out if you haven’t already!

The Voices:


Down right dark, hilariously funny and Reynolds pulls this outta the park in this awkward dark comedy! A must watch from us!

Safe House:


In one of his first action roles, we see Agent Reynolds team up with not to be trusted Denzel Washington in one of the more underrated action thrillers! With some heart stopping action, really great acting and a thrilling story – Safe House showed off Reynolds as the action man!

Mississippi Grind:


Gambling, debts and a road trip to bet it all on! In one of Reynolds more recent entries, he and Mendelsohn shine in one of the most under-rated drama’s this side of the decade!

Smokin’ Aces:


Wanna see Reynolds lead an all star cast including Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck and Andy Garcia – well you’re in luck because this 2000’s actioner goes balls to the wall with humor and OTT violence as Mr. Reynold’s is absolutely ACE in this outing!

Before we give our favourite pick – we wanted to throw some honorable mentions into the sassy Reynolds mixing bowl:

Who doesn’t remember Mr. Hunk… I mean Mr. Reynolds in that glorious fat suit? Yeah of course you do! That’s why Just Friends is added… WE SWEAR! Just look below:

Adventureland is not only one of the coolest indies EVER but we’ve got Ryan Reynold’s playing Mr. Cool and strutting his stuff to classic Rock Me Amadeus!
Van Wilder made Reynolds the comedy man we know today! End of!
Plus funfact, although Blade Trinity wasn’t all that good – it has been rumored that his role in it was the cherry on top for studios giving him a go at Deadpool, so yeah!

Our number one pick for his best flick/performance has to go to:



Not only does Reynolds hold his own (literally) in this VERY small-box but most of his performance is real! Rumored to have a small fear of small spaces, Reynolds gave an outstanding performance as captive truck driver Paul, gasping for air as his phone battery and time was fast running out!

For us, it is one of the most tension filled films we have ever seen and we were literally finding it hard to breathe since it came out all six years ago! We feel Reynolds needs to be even more recognised for this role as he truly gave it his all this the final scene! 5/5 from us!

So there you have it, our little fan list for Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds! Now we want to know what are your favourite films of his? (Pre-Deadpool) Let us know in the comments below! Nerd out!


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