Top 10 Most Unlikely Couples In The Multiverse!

Have you ever seen two people holding hands or cuddling and thought to yourself. How did they even meet, let alone start a romantic relationship? Well here is a list of some of our beloved fictitious couples who were unlikely to make it but defied the odds.

10. Marcus Fenix & Anya Stroud (Gears of War)

Two complex and grief-stricken individuals find comfort at the bottom of a bottle and in each other! The foundation to any long-lasting and loving relationship, Right? Hey! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, because it worked for these two awkward lovebirds.


Besides the raw sexual tension between these two, what do they actually have in common? Both were overshadowed by famous parentage, and because of that they have a constant need to prove themselves, and of course, the emotional problems and stress that comes with constantly being on the front lines battling a hoard of hideous subterranean beasts known as the Locusts. On top of all that, try keeping your love life fresh when it isn’t even recognise. Officially Marcus and Anya are not in a romantic relationship because of the strict guidelines against fraternising set out by the COG (a military based organisation and global superpower) Phew! How do they do it!?

9. Han Solo & Princess Leia (Star Wars)

He was a dangerous yet lovable smuggler, and she was a feisty sharp shooting princess. Sounds like a blurb from a Sci-Fi Mills and Boon, doesn’t it?


Initially these two had very different ideals. Solo was in it for, well Solo, and Leia was desperate to save her people and protect the galaxy from the Empires evil embrace. Han slyly says to Luke “You think a princess and a guy like me?” I don’t think anyone could predict that this I love you/I hate you romance would be cinematic gold. For fictional characters they could fight like cats and dogs, but you could always cut the sexual tension with a knife. After an incestuous kiss with Luke (Eww) Leia and Han share their first kiss on the Millennium Falcon. (Lucky) The classic dialogue between the two in The Empire Strikes Back characterized their relationship.

Princess Leia -“I love you”

Han Solo -“I know”


Pixar really know how to tug on your heart-strings, and nothing tugs on mine more than a big eyed abandoned robot looking for love.


Alone on Earth WALL.E is assigned to clean up the waste left behind by the humans; however he has been long forgotten. But when EVE arrives, he falls instantly in love with this sleek and slender piece of metal (wink wink). Seemingly WALL.E doesn’t have a chance! EVE is too focused on her mission and ignores nearly every attempt of contact by him. The difference in personalities is only accentuated by their physical appearance and emotional state. Although, as WALL.E and EVE spend more time together they slowly break the barrier of robotic evolution and the couple become an advanced version of Tarzan and Jane as EVE introduces WALL.E to the humans and he in turn show her the planet. True, the story is about robots falling in love but there is no denying the emotion and personality that is throughout this movie.

7. Gambit and Rogue (X-Men)

Imagine… The World has just ended and all you want to do is a give a girl “One helluva kiss” (Gambit’s words, not mine) but when that girl is Rogue, a mutant with powers capable of killing a man with a touch, the experience might not be as pleasant as you anticipated. Yeah, leaving a guy in a coma for three weeks is playing hard to get, right?


Despite Rogues obvious emotional issues combined with her physical difficulties and Remy’s undeniable self-hatred these Uncanny X-Men always had a fiery connection. They fought constantly and their reconciliations are anything but tender, but they always seem to have unconditional trust in one another, even when they didn’t trust themselves.

Gambit- “Trust Me”

Rogue- “Always Remy”

6. Jon Snow & Ygritte (Game of Thrones)

Finding happiness in Westeros is rare, but for a time these two seemed to find joy in each other. (Sexually speaking of course)


Jon and Ygritte didn’t exactly have a conventional relationship. It looked probable that the dutiful Bastard of Winterfell would keep his vows to Castle Black but when Ygritte playfully cornered him all reason left and blood from his brain left and went ‘South of the Wall’. Nobody could expect the boy to say no. Yes their relationship was based on pleasure but they both help the other gain a new perspective on life. Were it not for war, duty and Ygritte’s tragic end at Castle Black I feel these two may have had an amazing future. Dam you George R.R Martin!!

5. Harley Quinn & Deadshot (Suicide Squad)

When I first saw ‘Mad Love’ I really believed Harley would forever be under The Jokers control. The New 52 gave Harley a new look and a whole new independent attitude. She is no longer consumed of love for The Joker and is a true villain in her own right.


Introducing Mr. D! ( No! it’s not what you think, okay.. maybe a little!) Deadshot, despite calling her “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” was seduced by Harley, and since their relationship borders on sadomasochism it gives them freedom to be the people they really are. Deranged Criminals, but we love them. True to Harley’s style, their ‘love making’ is sometimes hilarious! Clown car vagina jokes while Deadshot pins her against a bathroom wall really defines their relationship. Unfortunately after the events of Death of the Family their relationship has been put on hiatus. Harley has clearly grown exclaiming she was too good for Deadshot or The Joker. I don’t think we have seen the last of this pair though.

4. April O’Neil & Casey Jones (TMNT)

Who says complete opposites don’t attract? April and Casey have one of the most puzzling and complicated relationships I have ever seen. The all brawn bat wielding lunatic has nothing in common with the responsible computer programmer, or TV presenter in later versions.


While both characters are strong-willed and loyal, their personalities clash like Greek Titans and really, the only thing keeping them in the same circle is their friendship to the Turtles. Yet somehow they have survived the odds and got married. Along with being down each other’s throats non-stop they have endured alien invasions, finding out April was a living drawing created by her father Kirby (nod to Jack Kirby) raising a child that wasn’t theirs and Oh Yeah! The ego maniac bent on destroying them called THE SHREDDER! The Jones are one of my favourite unlikely couples and their attraction/love is still being portrayed across each variation of TMNT.

3. Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer (Batwoman New 52)

Batwoman was brought in the DC universe in 1956 mainly to be a love interest for Batman when an earlier issue caused some controversy about homosexuality. Different Times People!!


Kate Kane, ironically become a modern hero, and with her sexual orientation beginning to bring new fans she was an immediate success. After a brief relationship with Montoya in New 52, Kate meets Maggie Sawyer at a dance. They discuss how the have both recently ended connections with people they begin to date. Maggie becomes suspicious of Kates late night activities often accusing affair, but when Kate reveals what she is truly doing by proposing as Batwoman the two become engaged. The couple have been described as a true modern romance and Batwoman being labelled as one the highest profiled gay superheroes.

2. Maggie and Glenn ( Walking Dead TV Series)

I never would have paired these two together! Maggie and Glenn are slowly becoming one of my favourite fiction romances.


Her southern charm along with his awkward wit can leave a girl blushing! Combine that with an empty convenience store…. (Like Really? Right here on the floor? …OKAY!) Their relationship keeps growing every season. They Honeymoon phase.. then zombies… They get married.. Oh look zombies.. She’s Pregnant.. oh look more zombies. I mean if Maggie and Glenn can make it through the zombie apocalypse surely you and bae can too? You can shatter some skulls together! Until one of you gets bitten or dies, then the other has to shoot you and then themselves.. YAY! LOVE!

1. Joker & EDI (Mass Effect)


I know as Shepard you can discourage Joker from going anywhere near that AI ass, but I was hitting that ‘go for it brother’ button like my life depended on it.


Their relationship to me was futuristic and philosophical, as well as being absolutely adorable! They had to overcome so much just to be able to commence their bond. Joker has Vrolik Syndrome so his bones are brittle, making it very difficult move around. (If you know what I mean) And EDI had to modify her entire AI core programming just to be able to move around freely from the Normandy. Not to mention they are helping Shepard save the galaxy from the Reaper Threat. I can honestly say their romance was difficult, awkward and exciting. They flirt like teenagers and banter like best friends. I’m Commander Shepard and these two are my favourite unlikely couple on the citadel!

Don’t agree with my list? Or think I missed some very important ones!? Feel free to comment and give me your opinion.

This article was written by Liz McConnon. Liz is a massive fan of TMNT, DC, Marvel, Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pokemon & Gaming. 


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