Our ‘Deadpool’ Post-Credit Scene Discussion!

As the merc with the foul mouth begins to make records in theater, we need to talk about that oh so cool post credit scene that lay after all the amazing action!


You have been warned! So let’s get to it!


After over 11 years – Mr. Reynolds has finally proved that this is the role he was born to play! After the insane mutant gets his girl back, he doesn’t wait too long to spill the beans on where we might see him next and by this we mean the amazing post-credit scene!

After we read the names of all the beautiful people who helped bring this R-Rated piece of art to work, Mr. Pool reappears in nothing more that his famous red-mask and a bath robe in a wallpapered hallway that echoes that which last saw Matthew Broderick break his own fourth-wall in the mid-1980’s classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

maxresdefault (1)

Whispering: ‘You’re still here? It’s over go home..’ – to the audience who were smart enough to know to start till after the credits of a superhero flick – Then figuring out that we were hoping for an explosive post-credit scene, or maybe hints at a sequel:

‘We don’t have that kind of money… Do you expect Sam Jackson (Mr.Fury) to show up with an eye patch? Go, go!!’

As Salt N’ Pepas ‘Shoop’ begins to take over, and when you think it’s over, the merc re-appears and drops an epic statement in a scene that was not part of any early press screening we were a part of!


It turns out that Deadpool and co. are planning a sequel that will see a certain famous friend of his to make an appearance: Cable. His time travelling friend who is the son of X-Men’s Cyclops & Jean Grey’s clone (for anyone who doesn’t know) – will add an incredible amount of awesome to the sequel.


Quoting: ‘Just need a big guy with a flat top’ – including the likes of Mel Gibson and Dolph Lundgren to take the role. He also mentioned another: Keira Knightly: ‘She’s got range, who knows? Shh it’s a big secret!’ What about Betty White? No.. okay!

As Deadpool finally warns the remaining moviegoers not to leave their cinema rubbish behind ’cause let’s face it, he says it clearly:

It’s a total dick move..’

Quoting a final Bueller line: – Chicka Chicka! – the scene cuts to black and low and behold we have one of the best superhero post credit scenes!

With Deadpool writers stating that they have been spit balling few sequel ideas but nothing very certain beyond Cable’s announcement it is also unclear if director Tim Miller will take the directors chair for the round 2, we at Nerd HQ live in hope that he does!

With all that said, we Nerds, had so much fun with Deadpool that we don’t care with what the sequel may bring, we only hope that they still stick the humor that was an A game here in! Anyway we want to know your thoughts, let us know in the comments below! Nerd out!


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