COMING SOON: Ireland’s Answer To Cards Against Humanity – AhHereNow

Many of you will be very familiar with the amazingly dirty minded card game Cards Against Humanity. If you are, you’ll be very aware that it is quite difficult to get this side of the Atlantic. But fear not, for a specialised Irish version of the game is coming.


Developed by Galway’s Simon Flaherty, AhHereNow embraces the original concept of Cards Against Humanity. One card has blanks to be filled in, or a question to be answered. Another selection of cards contains possible answers for this first card. The aim of the game is to embrace your inner Deadpool and select the funniest, most offensive or downright wrong response to complete the original statement or answer the question. Winner of each round gets a point & becomes the judge of the next round. The brilliant difference with AhHereNow is that each card is tailored specifically for Ireland in its sense of humour.

It could be references to politics, Conor McGregor, Roy Keane or Longford, AhHereNow has an almost infinite amount of hilarious possibilities & combinations that are guaranteed to make you laugh and most certainly even feel guilty for even uttering a giggle.

Check out some examples from AhHereNow below but be warned, they are a bit NSFW:

295965c35453407fe6260440af10a488_original 8d3f9848d4b3bf0443dab11a34ca3efb_original


You can find AhHereNow on Kickstarter & Simon needs to hit €15k in the next 29days to put the game into production. As of writing, the figure gained stands at €3500 and we at Nerd Lowdown certainly hope AhHereNow meets its target and have pledged ourselves to Simon’s cause!

If you’d like to back AhHereNow, you can do so by pledging to a wide range of packages. From €25+ ex. delivery you’ll get a physical copy of the game. For as little as €1 however, you can bag yourself “The Cavanman’s Package” which bags you a PDF copy of the game which you can print out & play straight away! What? They don’t have printers in Cavan? Or electricity?! Wow. Sorry Cavan, you’re on your own!


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