New Trailer For Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Re-Releases Lands!

Pokémon fan? Own a Nintendo 3DS/2DS? Well, get very excited as you’re about to be smacked in the face with a Pokéball full of nostalgia!

Nintendo are re-releasing three of the finest examples of handheld gaming ever made on the 27th of February via the Nintendo store. Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow. To celebrate this, Nintendo have released a new trailer to advertise the launch of the widely adored RPG & the matching 2DS consoles.

For Pokémon fans of a certain vintage, this will be a massive trip down memory lane. These three games were arguably the start of what went on to become a global phenomenon and one that has for the most part lasted 20+ years. The re-releases due to hit the Nintendo eShop on the 27th of February will be a sure fire way for people to revisit what took up hundreds of hours of their childhood.

It will also allow later generations of Pokémon fans become more familiar with the roots of the franchise and give them a taste of what once was, before there was Ice Cream shaped Pokémon and before there was an emphasis on breeding crazy statistics and valuations to make a Pokémon worthwhile. It will be back to the beautiful basics that made us all fall in love with Pokémon in the ’90s. Us here at Nerd Lowdown HQ are strictly Original 151 only (Ok, Original 251 at a push, but that’s it!) so we may be slightly biased in that regard!


If you didn’t watch the trailer until the end, then you missed out on at least one change to the original games. It looks as if Mew will be available to catch the very same as any other legendary! Those old enough to remember will recall how to get Mew originally, you needed to exploit some glitches in the system but now it looks like he has been added to the game properly! Will the mysterious Missngno glitch still be present? Better get the games to find out!

Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow will be available on Nintendo eShop from February 27th.


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