3 Matches Confirmed For WrestleMania 32!

We bring you another wrestling related post this week! This time we are looking at the build up to Wrestlemania 32 on April 4th, in the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas.

The stadium holds over 100,000 people (everything is bigger in Texas as they say). The road to Wrestlemania is well underway and as always at this time of year fans either get excited for it or get annoyed at the predictability of some of the matches. 3 big matches have been announced so far, today we take a look at these matches and what the story behind them is.


Dean Ambrose Vs Brock Lesnar – Street Fight
This match was confirmed on WWE Raw last night, pitting the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose vs The Beast Incarnate Broooock Leesssssnar!!! The match was made due to the animosity build up between the two leading up to WWE Fastlane (which took place on Sunday night). With Ambrose being the smaller man, Lesnar wrote him off says he didn’t stand a chance of winning the match (which also featured Roman Reigns) but Ambrose brought it to Lesnar, in the weeks leading up to Fastlane he called Brock Lesnar out, getting in his face, letting the beast know he wasn’t afraid of him. During the match at Fastlane Ambrose got a few moves over on Lesnar, even clocking him with a steel chair a few times towards the end of the match.
While Reigns ultimately won the match earning the right to face Triple H at Wrestlemania, a feud between Ambrose and Lesnar spawned from the match. Last night before Raw, Lesnar attacked Ambrose in the parking lot sending him to the hospital, later in the show Ambrose drove an ambulance into the area and literally dragged his beaten body to the ring, and challenge Lesnar to a street fight at Wrestlemania. Lesnar quickly answered by walking back down to the ring and hitting Ambrose with an F-5. WWE themselves later made the match official.
The dynamic of this match is going to be extremely interesting, putting an underdog like Ambrose against arguably the biggest draw in WWE right now, a man that has lost 3 times in 4 years in Lesnar. It will be a match that is reminiscent of the match Lesnar had with CM Punk at SummerSlam 2013. This was a David vs Goliath story much the Lesnar Vs Ambrose will be, Punk had Lesnar beat but a distraction by Paul Heyman allowed Lesnar to pick up the win. Punk proved he can go toe to toe with Lesnar, and there is no doubt Ambrose will prove it to. In terms of who will win this match, it’s a little hard to call right now.
Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon – Hell In A Cell – If Shane Wins He Gets Control of WWE Raw.
This match came out of nowhere (exactly like an RKO does). Not in a million years would anyone have called this match taking place, let alone at Wrestlemania. For months many have been speculating who the Undertaker would wrestle at Mania this year, the original plan was John Cena until he got injured and will most likely miss Wrestlemania, then the plan was Braun Strowman, the rookie from the Wyatt Family. Vince McMahon still wants to push big guys, but considering it could be one of Undertakers last Wrestlemania’s (he is 51 after all), the fact that Strowman is still learning how to wrestle and the fans opinion of him, that idea was scrapped. A few names like Kevin Owens, Sheamus and Kane (again) were also considered, ultimately Shane McMahon was chooses which caught the whole world by surprise.
Shane McMahon hasn’t been in WWE since 2009, he left to start a few businesses and pave his own legacy, but he returned last night on Raw in what was easily the best comeback of the decade (it was such a mark out moment). He returned to challenge his father Vince and sister Stephanie for control of Raw and the WWE. Shane citing that ratings are down, stock prices are down and the number of injuries to top stars while Vince and Stephanie have been running the show. Vince said he’d give Shane control of Raw and WWE if he wrestles one match, on a night of Vinces choosing, against an opening of Vinces choosing and he wins. Shane accepted and the match was set – Shane Vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 inside Hell in a Cell.
This match is the most intriguing of the 3 matches that have been announced so far because its difficult to pick a winner. On one side you have the Undertaker, the greatest man ever to lace up a pair of booths, a man that is 22-1 at Wrestlemania, a man that has done it all. In the 23 years he has been competing at Wrestlemania he has only lost once, that being to Brock Lesnar, the unstoppable force. This is where the match brings interest. Shane McMahon, as fun as it is to see him again, isn’t the best of wrestlers, he has always been great at putting his body on the line and hasn’t been in a wrestling ring in years. It is going to be hard to believe that he may be able to beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, let alone in a Hell in a Cell, and take into account it may be Takers last Wrestlemania, making this the most must see match on the card so far.
Triple H Vs Roman Reigns For The WWE World Heavyweight Title.
Arguably the most predictable match on the card. This match was so easy to call. It was guaranteed to happen. The past 2 years have been about pushing Roman Reigns as the next top babyface (good guy for those who don’t follow wrestling). He is family of the Rock, he apparently has the look, he is a guy WWE want to carry the company going forward. Having missed out on the WWE Title at last years Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns has been clutching and clawing at a chance to finally capture the title.
He accomplished this at Survivor Series last year, but Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, ending Reigns’ title run in 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Reign’s got a rematch at TLC, but was screwed out of the title, after the match he beat up Triple H, putting him in the hospital. From the moment this happened everyone knew what the main event of Wrestlemania was going to be, Roman Reigns Vs Triple H. Roman Reigns would recapture the WWE Title, only to lose it in the Royal Rumble, when Triple H who returned at number 30 won the match and the title. This has set the stage for the match at Mania, in which Roman will beat the Triple H for the title following Roman winning a title shot at Fastlane on Sunday night.
3 huge matches announced so far, 2 of them fans want to see, and the other is just to make Roman Reigns look strong. No doubt as the weeks go by the card for Wrestlemania 32 will continue to fill out and story lines will flesh out. Some of us here at Nerd Lowdown can’t wait for it.
Excited for Wrestlemania? Have opinions on the matches so far? Let us know!

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