Time Out Of Mind (Review)

We had the pleasure in attending the Irish Premiere of the indie – drama Time Out Of Mind as part of this years Dublin International Film Festival in the always great Savoy Cinema!

Time Out Of Mind follows the very real and relevant story of a  homeless man,Mr. Hammond (Richard Gere) as he tries to come toterms with becoming homeless i the mighty city of New York. After bonding with a new friend (Ben Vereen – How I Met Your Mother) at New York’s Bellevue Hospital he finally tries to repair his relationship with his estranged daughter (Jena Malone – The Hunger Games Trilogy) after years of lost contact.


Where to begin? This very small film packs a loud punch to it’s viewers in every single scene as this is a true representation of how people cope with being homeless in today’s world.

Richard Gere gives an outstanding performance as Mr. Hammond as we meet him in the middle of his ordeal with nothing more than a coat and a plastic bag in his possession. This is a career defining role for the veteran actor as we saw him giving it his all and truly making us believe in him and his character.

What was also unique  was how director Oren Moverman and Richard Gere decided to shoot the piece – using digital cameras nearly ever scene was shot in a way that we would hear the city for what it actual was and have Gere in frame but from a distance. One good example of this was a scene which had the audience in a bar, hearing the happy-goers enjoying their night but in the forefront of the shot (outside) was Gere. To us, this was truly heartbreaking as it gave us a sense of a forgotten man in the shadows.
We have to give props to the way this was shot as it gave it a character in itself which some would feel uncomfortable in viewing.


(Richard Gere and Oren Moverman above)

Another worthy mention that we were trying to get our heads around is the fact that, in most of the scenes where Gere’s character is beginning for any change in the busy New York streets, is indeed Gere standing in the streets with a real crowd unaware of his presence. Now if that doesn’t say it all then I don’t know what will?


(Richard Gere Pictured at the Savoy)

During a QnA after the film, Richard Gere commented on that experiences – stating it was a very surreal experience being unnoticed and in-fact becoming hiss character. He also added that he began to see the crowds reaction, not to him being an A-List actor but that fact that he is just another homeless man looking for help and that this reaction could be seen up to 10’s of meters away.


Overall, we have to say that Time Out Of Mind is a very unique and beautifully harsh true telling of the real life crisis that every country faces with homelessness. Gere and his co. stars give great performances and don’t hold back in some cases. Although we feel that more recognition should be given to this piece we feel it will sadly go under the radar – which is criminally unfair!

(Personal Rating 5/5) – Nerd Out!


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