BREAKING: Venom Spin-Off Revived At Sony!

In surprising news this evening it has emerged that a Venom spin-off is still alive over at Sony! 

According to THR, the studio that holds the creative rights to Spider-Man are looking to bring the symbiote anti-hero back to the forefront of their movie slate under the guidance of Avi Arad & Matt Tolmach!

Before the deal was done to reboot Spider-Man within the MCU, a Venom spin-off along with the Sinister Six movie were planned within The Amazing Spider-Man continuity.That all changed once Peter Parker moved over to Marvel and it seemed like Venom was dead in the water. Now, Venom is back on the table and Sony have gotten Dante Harper to pen the script!


Here’s the bum deal. This Venom iteration will be, at least for now, completely separate from the Spider-Man reboot being developed by Marvel. So unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Tom Holland battling this Venom any time soon. Sony intend this to be the start of a new franchise for what could be their own Spider-Man Universe… minus Spider-Man, or at least the Peter Parker Spidey! In the Marvel/Sony deal while Marvel get to use Spidey, Sony still hold all creative rights and have the final say. This is the fruition of that.

One could perhaps see this as Sony’s answer to Deadpool. Venom is a much adored anti-hero and one of a few characters who you could say deserve an R-Rated treatment. Throw fellow chaotic symbiote Carnage into the mix and you have one hell of a party! While not linking up with Spider-Man is a pain for fans, we just hope it is better than the Venom who appeared in Spider-Man 3!

Not much more is known about Venom as of yet but we’ll bring you every thing that breaks!


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